The Five Best Strength Exercises For Hikers Over 40

Growing up in the Pacific  Northwest I’ve done my fair share of hiking. With my clinic located in Oregon I’ve also worked with many people with join pain that’s keeping them from hiking. The best way to limit pain while continuing to hike is to get stronger. Building strength helps limit impact on your joints for less pain while improving how far and how long you can go. In this article I show you some of the best strength exercises for hikers over 40.

The Best Strength Exercises For Hikers Over 40

Building strength over 40 is different than building strength when you are younger. You have to be more mindful on your exererces. The last thing you want to do is aggravate an old injury or previous joint pain. The exercises you pick to get stronger have to be both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Thet should target the muscles needed to hike while limiting impact on your joints. Here are some of my favorites.

The Single Leg Step Up

One of the safest and most effective exercises for hikers is a simple single leg step up. The step up is the same movement you perform while hiking uphill. I love this exercises because it’s low impact. But it also can be made as challenging as you want by changing the height of the step and/or holding weight in each hand.

The Single Leg Step Down

On the flipside, step downs are also a great exercise for hikers. This eccentric movement strengthens your quads and patellar tendon, both of which are important for hiking. Particularly the downhill portion.

The Farmer’s Carry

Hiking isn’t just about your leg strength. It also requires a good amount of core strength. The Farmer’s Carry is my favorite functional core strengthening exercises that is great for hikers. To perform, lift up some heavy weight and carry it around. It’s that simple.

The Reverse Lunge

Another exercise that mimics the movements needed for hiking is the lunge. The reverse lunge variaton is easier on the knees and targets your glutes and hamstrings making it a great exercise for hikers.

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The Squat

The squat is obviously a great leg strengthening exercise for hikers. But it also can be used to improve hip and ankle mobility, both of which are important for hikers. The best part about the squat is you can easily progress or regress the movement to find the best exercise for your ability level.

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Improving movement and building strength is the best thing you can do to maintain your hiking routine as you get older. The best strength exercises for hikers over 40 are ones that are both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Add these exercises into your favorite routine to continue hiking for years to come.

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