Top 10 Leg Exercises For Bad Knees | How To Exercises With Knee Pain

Building strong legs is the best thing you can do for knee pain. But it can be hard to build strong legs when knee pain is keeping you from exercising. The following leg exercises for bad knees will help you SAFELY build strength without stressing your knees.

The Top 10 Leg Exercises For Bad Knees

The best leg exercises for bad knees engage important muscle groups while minimizing movement and impact at the knee. The following exercises are both SAFE and effective exercises to help you exercise without knee pain.

1. Sit To Stand

Starting with the easiest, the sit to stand helps engage your legs with minimal impact on your knee. By starting in a seated position you can control the movement for even more safety.

2. Toe Taps

A single leg strength and balance challenge. With limited movement at the knee, Toe Taps are a safe and eggective leg strengthening exercise for bad knees.

3. Wall Sit

Isometric contractions involve muscle engagement with no joint movement. This limits the impact that goes through the knee. The wall sit is a great isometric leg exercise.

4. Single Leg Step Up

A safe and controlled variation of the step up exercise. This move has many variations to fit all ability levels. Change the height of the step or simply add weight to make as challenging as you want.

5. Suitcase Carry

This functional core strength exercise also is a great way to improve leg strength and balance.

6. Box Squat

A step up from the sit to stand exercise. Using the same box, simply reach your hips back to tap your hips before coming back up. Having a box behind to catch you keeps you safe if your knee gives out.

7. Banded Hip Hinge

One of my favorite ways to engage your hamstrings and glutes with minimal impact on the knee. It also helps practive the hip hinge, and important movement to limit impact on your knee in your day-to-day life.

8. Kettlebell Deadlift

Another great option to build STRENGTH in your hamstrings and glutes. This move has minimal impact on the knee making it a great leg exercise for bad knees.

9. Squat Holds

A more challenging isometric exercise. The squat hold is a step up from the wall sit. Holding the bottom of a squat engages the muscle of your leg with minimal movement and impact at the knee.

10. Assisted Lunge

Lunges are one of the BEST leg exercises for bad knees. Unfortunately, they can be hard to do with bad knees. This assisted variation of the lunge allows you to control the movement with your hands to find a comfortable level to allow you to build strenth and confidence.

As you can see, the best leg exercises for bad knees fully engage the muscles of your leg while minimizing movement and impact at the knee. Incorporating a few of these exercises into your exercises routine will help you build the strength and confidence to live active, healthy, and happy lives.

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