The Ultimate Guide To Partner Stretching

Partner stretching is an effective form of therapy to improve mobility for less joint pain. Working with a partner allows you to sink deeper into stretches than when performing solo. It’s also a great way to have some fun and connect with your partner while improving your physical health. The following safe and effective partner stretches will help you loosen muscles a mobilize joints for less pain and stiffness.

Lower Back and SI Joint Warm Up

I like to start my routine with this simple lower back stretch. This gentle technique is a great way to stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints of your lower back. Be sure to communicate with yoru partner to find the right depth and comfort level.

Partner Stretching For Hamstrings

Next we can progress to the partner hamstring stretch. This is one of the most popular partner stretches and can help ease both back and knee pain. From this position it’s also easy to add in a soft tissue technique similar to the pin and stretch by using your thumbs to grip the hamstring while bending an straightening the knee.

Calf Stretch and Roll Out 

Tight calves contribute to both knee and ankle pain. I absolutely love the calf roll out partion of this routine. Combined with the partner calf stretch to lengthen the calf muscle for less joint pain.

The Glute Stretch

Tight glute muscles are a common cause of lower back, SI joint, and hip pain. This partner stretch is a great way to loosen the glute muscle group for less pain and stiffness. Of all our movements, this is the hardest to get right. Be sure to have good communication with your partner to be sure they feel the stretch in the glute and not the lower back.

Hip Mobilization and Groin Stretch

Tight hips and groin mucles contribute to lower back and knee pain. This partner stretch can be used to mobilize the hip joint and stretch the hip adductor (groin muscles).

The Pecs and Chest

Tightness in the chest and pectoral muscles is a common contributor to shoulder, mid back and neck pain. This stretch technique loosens tight pec muscles to improve muscular balance. Keep in mind that the pectoral muscle is a large muscle group and can be stretched at many different angles. Communicate with your partner to find where they feel the deepest stretch.

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Partner stretching is a fun, safe, and effective way to treat joint pain when performed with care and attention. When combined with a proper strength routine it can be the most effective way to treat joint pain.

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