The Five Best Mobility Exercises To Help With Joint Pain

The #1 cause of joint pain in adults as they get older is repetitive impact on your joints. Overtime these impacts wear away at your joints and lead to pain and arthritis. Solving joint pain will require you to limit these impacts through improved movement and strength. Maintaining joint range of motion through mobility exercises is required to keep active as you age. Read below to learn the best mobility exercises to help with your joint pain and arthritis.

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Best Mobility Exercises For Joint Pain

If you search Google or Youtube you will find 100’s of mobility exercises. How do you know what’s right for you? Using the joint by joint approach to solving joint pain (see image below) you can see what areas of your is best to focus your energy. The best mobility exercises for joint pain will focus on your mid back, hips, and ankles.

The joint by joint approach to solving joint pain shows improving mid back, hip, and ankle mobility should take priority.

Best Mobility Exercises For Mid-Back

Now that you know what areas to focus on we can move to the best mobility exercises for each area. Google and YouTube will turn up 100’s of mid back mobility exercises that can be overwhelming. For adults over 40 I only use the following two exercises. Foam Roll Extensions help improve extension of the mid back while Foam Roll Thread The Needles improve rotation of the mid back.

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Best Mobility Exercises For The Hip

The hip is a ‘ball in socket joint’ that moves in almost all directions. This can make it hard to know which movement to focus on. Most adults with joint pain will have resitrictions in flexion/extension and internal/external rotation. A good place to start with the best hip mobility exercises is with the hip flecor and adductor (groin) stretched listed below.

Best Mobility Exercises For Ankle

Limited ankle movement is an often hidden cause of chronic back and knee pain. Stiff ankles lead to movement compensations that increase impact on your joints as you move through your day. Use the following ankle mobilization to help ease your chronic joint pain.

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The best mobility exercises to help with joint pain focus on the most impactful areas of the body. Your mid back, hips, and ankles are three areas you need to keep mobile to avoid joint pain as you get older. Use the best mobility exercises for each area listed above to help solve joint pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older.

Learn More About Each Exercise At The Video Below:

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