The Best Shoulder Joint Centration Exercises To Solve Shoulder Pain

Rounded shoulders are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain and injuries missed by your doctorThis position leads to increased strain on the muscles in the back of your shoulder and pinching/impingment in muscles in the front. Overtime this will lead to pain and injury. The best shoulder joint centration exercises will help you keep you shoulder centered for less pain and injury as you get older.

What Is Shoulder Centration?

Shoulder centration is the optimal alignment of the shoulder joint that offers the best potential muscular support of the joint. In this position the head of your arm bone (humerus) is centered within the glenoid fossa of your scapula. This position not only limits strain on your shoulder for less pain, but allows you to perform shoulder movements in a much safer way.

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The Best Shoulder Joint Centration Exercises

The exercises listed below, from easiest to hardest, will help you train your body to find and keep you shoulder centration position.

  1. Shoulder Pack: This exercise is a great way to SAFELY learn what a ‘centered’ shoulder should feel like. Laying on your back, hold a weight in one arm directly above shoulder. Your arm should be straight. Allow the weight to press shoulder against floor. Externatally rotate your shoulder (turn outward)
  2. Quadruped Shoulder Pack: Another great exercise to learn your shoulder cenetered position. This time you’ll be in the quadruped position (hands and knees). Screw your hands outward into the ground to create tension at your shoulder. Think about pulling your shoulder blades doen into your back pockets. Hold for 5 seconds and relax. Reset and go again.
  3. Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Hold: This isometric hold activated all the muscles surrounding the shoulder to pull shoulder into place. Holding a light kettlebell, bring your arm into a 90/90 position. This means your shoulder brought in front of your body to 90 degrees and elbow is bent to 90 degrees. Pull shoulder back into position and hold for 30 seconds. Avoid letting your shoulder push forward as muscles start to fatique.
  4. Quadruped Hold (Shoulder Centration Focus): The Quadruped Hold is typically a functional core exercise. Wih a simple tweak you can use this movement to further train shoulder joint centration. To perform, simple get into the quadruped position with your toes curled. Next, lift your knees to engage your core. Screw your hands into the ground to externally rotate your shoulder while pulling your shoulder blade down. Hold for 5-10 seconds and relax.
  5. High Plank (Shoulder Centration Focus): Similat to the previous exercise you can turn the high plank into a shoulder centration exercise as well. In the high plank position simply screw your hands into the ground while pulling shoulder blades down. Hold for 5-10 seonds and relax.

The best way avoid pain as you get older is to limit impact and strain on your muscles and joints. Shoulder joint centration is key to limiting strain on the structure of the shoulder. These shoulder joint centration exercises will allow you to solve shoulder pain without needing pills, injections, or surgery.

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