The Best Glute Activation Exercises For Bigger, Stronger Hips

Developing the glute complex is a must for a strong, pain free body. Long hours of sitting can limit your ability to engage and activate these important hip muscles. This can lead to pain when we finally need our body to be active. The best glute activation exercises bring more awareness, control, and strength to your hip complex and is what we’ll cover today.

The Best Glute Activation Exercises

Improving your ability to activate the glutes creates a strong foundation on which you can start to build even more strength. The following five glute activation exercises are the safest and most effective way to activate your glutes.

Glute Squeeze And Release

Before beginning serious hip strenthening routines, you need to be able to engage and control the glutes. The squeeze and release exercise brings awareness and control and is one of the best glute activation exercises out there.

Glute Raise

Perfect for beginners. The glute raise is a low impact way to engage and strengthen your glutes. 


The birddog is a functional core strength exercise normally used as part of back pain rehabilitation program. By focusing on engaging the glutes while reaching your foot back you can turn this into an effective glute activation exercise.

Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is another great exercise to wake up your glutes. Bring your feet closer to your hips to engage the glutes. Too far out and you’ll feel it more in your hamstrings. The Banded Glute Bridge is a great way to add resistance for even more glute activation.

Banded Hip Hinge

Learning to hip hinge helps engage your posterior chain (which includes your glutes and hamstring). The banded hip hinge variation adds some resistance to the movement making it one of the best glute activation exercises.

The best glute activation exercises bring awareness, control, and strength to your hip muscles. The previous five exercises are safe and effective and are a great way to ‘wake up’ sleepy glutes.

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