The Best Exercise For Back Pain Relief You’re Not Doing

When looking for back pain relief, many people turn to stretching or other exercises that may feel good in the short term, but may actually make your back pain worse. A better approach for to solving back pain is to learn ways to limit impact on the structure of our spine that can cause pain.

One of the best ways to limit impact on our spine is through developing muscular tension. Long hours of sitting, standing, or general inactivity can cause our muscle to ‘disengage’ leaving us rely on our more passive stabilizers in our spine. Over time, this leads to pain.

Which is why The Full Body Squeeze (see video below) is THE BEST EXERCISE you can do for back pain relief. Incorporating this exercise into your daily routine (especially if you work a job with lots of sitting and standing) can help ease back pain and keep it from coming back.

Learning how to develop tension in our body to take pressure off the structures in our low back is the best way to relieve back pain. The full body squeeze reengages the muscles that protect our spine that sometime ‘disengage’ with long hours of sitting or inactivity, leading to more pressure on the low back.

Other ways to limit impact on the spine for back pain relief include improving movement patterns, mobility, and strength. Be sure to check out our free introductory program where we teach you the EXACT program we’ve used to solve years of pain…even when nothing else has worked.

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