The Best Core Exercises For Lower Back Pain

A strong core is one of the most essential elemants to solving lower back pain. If you look online you will find thousands of exercises to improve core strength, many of which can make your low back pain worse. The best core exercises for those with lower back pain are those that build strength without stressing your joints. The following exercises are what I use with patients everyday to build core strength without aggravating your lower back.


Planks are one of the best exercises to strengthen your core without aggravating your lower back pain. This isometric hold engages and stabilizes your core to protect your spine. Because no movement is required it’s easy to control the amount of force thta goes through the spine. It also has many variations to challenge all ability levels.

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Pallof Press

Anti-Rotation core exercises help control spinal movement for less impact on the spinal joints in the gym and throughout your day. The pallof press is one of my favorites. Keeping a strong core position while holding a band attached to the wall, the core is forced to work to prevent inward rotation of your trunk. 

Weighted Carries

Picking up heavy things and carrying them around is one of the best functional core strengthening exercises.  Carries recruit important core stabilizing muscles that helps take pressure off our lower back. The Farmer’s Carry is a great exercise to strengthen your core for everyone with lower back pain.

The Bridge

Our core is more than our abdominal muscles. Our glute (hip) muscles set the foundation for our spinal positioning and are important in limiting impact through your lower back. The bridge exercise is the safest and most effective way to build glute strength. Similar to the plank it has man

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Rolling Patterns

To avoid lower back pain, improving core coordination is just as important as core strength. Many people injure their backs doing easy movements like getting dressed. In these cases, it’s not because their core wasn’t strong enough to perform that movement without pain. It’s that their core didn’t engage’ when they needed it to and all the force goes through their spine. Rolling patterns are extremely effective at improving core coordination. Give the 90/90 Roll a try, it’s harder than you think!

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Improving core strength and coordination is just one piece in solving lower back pain. For a more complete understanding and answers to low back pain be sure to check out our free guide ‘Solving Pain With Strength’ down below.

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