The Best At Home Knee Pain Workout | Level 3

The key to solving chronic knee pain, keeping active, and maintaining your lifestyle as you get older lies in your movement and strength. However, the wrong exercises can further imbalances that contribute to pain. Our Knee Pain Workout series will show you exactly what to do to help you build strength to solve chronic knee pain…without stressing your joints.

In this Level 3 knee pain workout we will continue to strengthen your glutes, legs, and core to limit the impact that goes through your knees.  To avoid aggravting your knee pain be sure you build a solid movement foundation with our Level 1 and 2 Knee Pain Workouts.

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Equipment Needed

Adding resistance to your knee pain workout is required to continue building strength. For this workout you will need access to:

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Warm Up

The purpose of a good warm up for a knee pain workout is to prepare the muscles and joints for the work they are about to do. 

Yoga Mobility Warm Up

This easy yoga flow is a great warm up for the entire body. If this is difficult to perform due to mobility issues,  it’s OK to use the warm up from the Level 1 and Level 2 workouts.

Strength Exercises

This knee pain workout will target your glutes, legs, and core to protect your knees as you move though your day. Use your timer and perform each exercise for 1 minute. Performing slow and maintaining control is more important than number of reps.

Butterfly Bridges

This variation of the bridge engages the entire glute complex to further strengthen your hips and hamstrings.

Standing Hip Abduction

A strong glute med is required for controlling knee movement when standing on a single leg. Standing Hip Abduction is an advanced glute med exercise is great for strength, balance, and control.

Bowler Lunge

Another more functional way to target the glute med muscle group. The key to this movement is maintaining balance and control.

The Farmer’s Carry

Weighted Carries are one of my favorite functional core exercises and something I include in almost every knee pain workout. A medium to heavy weight is preferred to get the most out of this movement.

Full Body Functional Patterns

The Elevated Kettlebell Lift

The deadlift is one of the best ways to build full body strength to protect your knees. It’s also difficult to master. The Elevated Kettlebell Lift is a way to transition your hinge movement to the deadlift to help you safely build strength without stressing your joints.

The Banded Air Squat

Adding a mini band to our squat movement helps cue your body to ‘press your knees out’. This prevents your knees from caving inward during the movement and engages more of the glute complex.

The Reverse Lunge

The reverse lunge is a great exercise to build single leg strength to improve side to side imbalances as well as strengthen your hamstrings and glutes to protect your knees. The reverse lunge places less impact on the knee joint itself and is why we recomend it over the forward lunge.

This knee pain workout is meant to be performed in a circuit. After you’ve completed the first round, start back with your butterfly bridge and perform series again (don’t do warm up twice). Workout should take 25-30 minutes to complete.

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