How To Strengthen Your Core For Beginners

Building core strength is an important part of solving joint pain and artritis. However, if you’re new to the strength training world or dealing with pain it can be tough to know where to start. Beginners want to pick core exercises that are challenging, but also safe. In our ‘how to strengthen your core for beginners’ seried we’ll look at five ways to help you build core strength without stressing your joints.

Learn To Brace

First things first, you have to be able to engage your core muscles. Bringing awareness back to your core musculature is the first step in how to build your core strength for beginners. The Abdominal Brace is an easy exercise to practice to activate your core musculature and protect your joints while performing other movements.

Start On Your Back

The supine position (on your back) is the safest way to strengthen your core. Starting on your back gives you more control of each movement to avoid aggravating pain. While there are many core exercises that start on your back, the Deadbug is a great place to start.


Pick Isometric Exercises

Core exercises that require a lot of movement can be difficult and unsafe for beginners. Sit ups, russian twists, toes to bar are all examples of exercises that require a lot of movement and as a result place a lot of stress on your joints. Picking stationary core exercises (isometric) is a great place begin your core strengthening. Which is why planks are such a great choice for beginners.

Work Your Way Up

Starting with exercises that are too advanced is one of the most common ways people get injured with their strength training routine. Finding the right starting point is an important skill in how to strengthen your core for beginners. As you get stronger you can work your way up to more challenging variations.


Three plank variations from easiest to hardest.

Use Functional Exercises

Functional exercises imitate real world activities and are used to train your entire body (including your core). Because these exercises don’t directly isolate and target your core muscles they are a great place to start. The Farmer’s Carry is an example of a functional core strength exercise that is perfect for beginners.

Knowing where to start your strength routine will save repeatedly aggravating joint pain. When learning how to strengthen your core for beginners it’s important to pick exercises that are both safe and effective. Choosing exercises that are safe for your ability level and working your way will ensure you’re able to build strength without stressing your joints.

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