How To Start Strength Training: Beginner Workout For Less Joint Pain

Like most things, the hardest part about strength training is getting started. What exerecises should I be doing? How many reps? For how long? These are all questions that keep people from getting started. This is especially true for anyone with joint pain. In this article I’ll show you how to start strength training and provide a safe and effective workout for you to get started.

How To Start Strength Training

This routine is designed to for beginners. The goal is to teach how to start strength training without aggravating joint pain. Yuu will focus on strengthening your hips, legs, and core as well as practice important movement patterns for furture strength exercises. 

Use your timer and perform each exercise for 1 minute. Perform routine all the way through and then complete a second round. It should take around 30 minutes total. Performing slow and maintaining control is more important than number of reps you can do.

Glute Bridge

Building strong glute muscles is an important part of a strength training program to solve joint pain. The glute bridge is a safe and effective exercise that targets these important hip muscles without stressing your joints.

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Your glute med is a smaller muscle that lies on the outside of your hip. One of its most important jobs is to control movement at the knee, especially when standing on the single leg (with walking, running, balancing, etc). The clamshell exercise is a safe and effective way to target this muscle. Add a band around the knees to agg extra resistance.

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Toe Taps

Single leg strengthening exercises are an important component to improving balance and control while walking, running, climbing stairs etc. The toe tap is a full body exercises to improve balance and target your glute med muscle in a more functional way. For more resistance you can hold weight in front of your body or place on shoulders.

The Kettlebell March

Weighted carries are a functional core strengthening exercise that should be part of every strength training routine. The kettlebell march is a beginner variation. Perform slow and controlled while maintaining balance throughout. If you fall out, just reset and start again.

The Hip Hinge

Arguably the most important movement for strength training. The hip hinge is considered a foundational movement because it is used in so many other exercises. Learning the hip hinge will help you perform many strength exercises without stressing your back and knees. Learning, understanding, and practicing this movement is a must for anyone new to strength training.

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The Box Squat

The squat is another important movement pattern to build full body strength and protect your joints. The box squat is a safer variation that allos you to practice the movement and build strength in a safer environment to avoid aggravating joint pain.

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The Step Up

The step up is a great beginner exercise to build functional leg strength. It’s part of our lunging series and is a great way to get started without aggravting knee pain. Building strength in this movement will improve many aspects of your daily routine including walking, climbing stairs, or hiking. Hold weights for an extra challenge.

The Knee Plank

To finish the workout I like to end with a core challenging exercise. The plank is a safe core exercise that limits impact on your joints. The knee plank is a great variation for beginners. The goal is to hold for an entire minute. You may need to break into segments initially until strong enough to hold for one minute.

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Need Extra Motivation? Follow Along With Dr. Baird As He Goes Through The Workout With You

This workout is the same workout I’ve used in my clinic to show adults how to start strength training. It’s safe on your joints and targets important movements and muscles that keep you pain free as you get older. 

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