How To Prevent Arthritis: Five Movements To Master

Osteoarthritis is most commonly caused by wear and tear on your joints. To maintain your lifestyle as you get older it’s important to adopt strategies that limit impact. The earlier the better. Improving movement quality and building strength is the BEST strategy available to us today. Learn how to prevent arthritis by learning, practicing, and understanding the following five movements.

The Hip Hinge

How you bend forward matters. Being such a common movement, bending forward with poor form contributes to the wear and tear that causes arthritis. The hip hinge forces us to maintain a neutral spine while performing our daily activties. This limites the impact on your lower back and knees to help prevent arthritis from slowing you down. 

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The Lift

Lifting from the ground is a common way to injure your lower back. Poor form with repetitive lifting leads to wear and tear on you back, discs, and hips. Learning to lift with proper form is required in any program focused on how to prevent arthritis in your lower back and hips.

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The Squat

The squat is a full body movement that tests movement patterns, mobility, and strength to limit impact on your joints and prevent arthritis. While a seemingly simple movement, there is a lot to think about to perform safely. Learn how to perfect the squat at the article below:

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The Reverse Lunge

The lunge is the most functional of our five movements. Meaning . From step ups, to walking, to hiking, and running the strength and balance required to perform the lunge will benefit you in your daily life. It’s the only single leg exercise to improve side to side imbalances that can lead to worsening arthritis. The reverse lunge  limits impact on the knee, making it a better option for those worried about joint pain and arthritis.

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Lifting up heavy things and walking is one of the best ways to develop full body strength and limit impact on your joints. Holding heavy weight creates muscular tension and develops functional core strength to take pressure off your joints to prevent arthritis.

Traditional medicine has it all wrong when it comes to how to prevent arthritis. Improving movement and building strength is the only way to limit pain and inflammation from arthritis while keeping you enjoying life. The sooner you incorporate these five movements into you daily routine the less limitations from arthritis you will experience.

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