At Home Strength Workout For Lower Back Pain | Level 1

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Learning to limit the impact that goes through your lower back is the best way to solve lower back pain and maintain your lifestyle as we get older. Our Level 1 workout for lower back pain will help you ease pain, introduce and practice important movement patterns, and SAFELY build strength without stressing your joints. 

We will work on strengthening you glute max, glute med, single leg balance, and core strength as well as introduce and practice the hip hinge, squat, and lunge movement patterns. By committing to improving these movements, we’ve been able to help our community solve years of lower back pain – even when nothing else has worked.

Equipment Needed

Our workouts are designed to be performed with minimal equipment. With that being said, resistance is required to build strength so some bands and weights are necessary. Before beginning your workout be sure to have all equipment available.

  • Chair, Couch, or Bench
  • 8″-12″ Block Or Step
  • Medium Size Weight (Dumbbell or Kettlebell)
  • Optional Equipment: Circular Mini Band

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Warm Up

Every workout for lower back pain should start with a proper warm up. These gentle movements help you ease any soreness/stiffness in your joints and prepare you body for the workout. Grab a timer and perform each movement for 1 minute (each side if applicable).


Slowly flex and extend your spine to lubricate your spinal joints and workout and stiffness. Add any side to side movements based on what feels ood and needs to be stretched.

Side Lying Twist

An active stretch designed to add a rotational move to your spinal joints as well as gently stretch your lower back muscles.

Bi-Phasic Hip Flexor Stretch

Used to improve flexibility and mobility of your hip flexors, which are commonly tight in those with lower back pain.

Side Lunge Hip Mobilization

Further mobilize your hips joints and prepare for many of the movements performed in this workout.

Strength Exercises

This workout for lower back pain is designed to strengthen the most important areas to protect your lower back as you move through your day. After you’ve completed your warm up it’s time to move into our strengthening movements. Use your timer and perform each exercise for 1 minute. Performing slow and maintaining control is more important than number of reps.

Glute Bridge

The safest and most effective way to build strength in your glutes and hamstrings. This sets the foundation for spinal positioning to protect the structures of your lower back.


A safe an effective glute med strengthening exercise. Strong glute medius muscles supports your body in the single leg stance (ie walking, running, hiking) to prevent compensations that put pressure on your lower back.

Toe Taps

A functional exercise to improve single leg strength and balance. You will feel this move in the glute med (outside hip) of your stance leg.

Kettlebell March

Carries are our favorite functional core strengthening exercise. Use a medium to heavy weight to improve the effectiveness of this exercise.

Full Body Movement Patterning

Improving movement quality limits impact on your joints as you move through the day. These foundational movement patterns will later be used in later workouts for lower back pain to build full body strength.

Three Point Hip Hinge

The most important movement to learn, understand, and practive for anyone with lower back pain. The hip hinge helps you maintain proper spinal positioning as you move though your day. It also the foundation for many strengthening exercises we will progress to.

Box Squat

A safe and effective way to introduce the squat movement pattern. Focus on finding the correct squat stance for your body type and performing with proper form.

Step Ups

A safe way to introduce lunge patterning and build leg strength. Can perform with your body weight or simple hold dumbells for further challenge.


This workout for lower back pain meant to be performed in a circuit. After you’ve completed the first round, start back  with your glute bridge and perform series again (don’t do warm up twice). Workout should take 25-30 minutes to complete.

Need extra motivation? Follow along with as Dr. Baird performs our Level 1 Workout For Lower Back Pain 

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