What Causes Lower Back Pain? A Movement Perspective

The traditional approach to treating lower back pain is all wrong. Masking symptoms with pills, injections, endless doctor visits doesn’t treat underlying causes and leads to back pain getting worse and worse as you get older. A better approach to treating back pain addresses what causes lower back pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Understanding what causes lower back pain is important for finding the best treatments. The primary cause of lower back pain in adults as they get older is impact on the spine. Overtime the small, repetitive impacts of your daily life wear down the tissues of you spine and cause pain. 

Pills, injections, endless chiropractic adjustments provide pain relief but do not limit impacts on your spine. This causes your pain to come back weeks, days, even hours later. Improving movement and strength is the only way to limit impact on your spine to keep active and maintain your lifestyle as you get older. To treat what causes lower back pain (repetitive impacts) you must improve the following aspects of movement.

Movement Patterns

Movement patterns are defined as how we coordinate movements to perform basic tasks. They are easily the most important, and most often neglected, part of treating lower back pain. How you sit, stand, bend forward, lift, all contribute to how much impact goes through your body. Poor coordination leads to more impact on your spine which, over time, is what causes lower back pain. Learning to hinge, lift, squat and lunge should all be part of your plan to solve lower back pain.

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Woman HInging

The hip hinge is an important movement pattern that limits impact on your spine.


Mobility is defined by how much movement a joint has. Limitations in mobility lead to more impact on your spine both directly and indirectly. Directly, by limiting your ability to absorb the impact of your daily activities. Indirectly, by causing movement compensations that lead to more impact on your lower back. Improving mobility of your mid back, hips, and ankles is another important way to treat what causes lower back pain.

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Improving overall mobility limits impact on your lower back.


Your body is held together by a balance of active and passive stabilizers. Active stabilizers include your muscles. Passive stabilizers include your joints and ligaments. Ideally you want your muscles (the active stabilizers) to protect your spine from the impacts of your daily life. When your muscles aren’t strong enough to support the activties that you like to do, more impact will go to your spine. This is what causes lower back pain and why building strength is the BEST treatment for lower back pain.

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Strong muscles take pressure off the disc, joints, and ligaments of your lower back.

To sum it up, lower back pain is caused by too much impact on our spine over too long a period of time. Pills, injections, and endless treatments all provide temporary relief but don’t solve the issue because they fail treat what causes lower back pain. A better approach involves learning to limit impact on our spine by improving movement patterns, mobility and strength.

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