What Causes Lower Back Pain? A Movement And Strength Perspective

Understanding what causes lower back pain is important for finding the best treatments. In its simplest terms, lower back pain is caused by too much impact on the spine. Overtime these small impacts on your discs, joints, and ligaments lead to pain and dysfunction. To solve lower back pain we need focus on helping the body heal while limiting the impact that goes through the spine.

Treating Root Causes Of Lower Back Pain

 There are plenty of treatments that provide sympotomatic relief of lower back pain. Pills, injections, endless chiropractic adjustments and massages, etc. But these don’t address the root cause of back pain…the repetitive impacts. Improving movement and strength is the best way to limit impact on your spine to ease pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older. 

Treat the root cause of lower back pain by improving these three aspects of human movement.

1. Movement Patterns

Movement patterns are defined as how we coordinate movements to perform basic tasks. How we sit, stand, bend forward, lift, all contribute to how much impact goes through our body. Poor coordination places more impact on your spine which always leads to more pain.

Woman HInging

2. Mobility/Flexibility

The amount of movement in our joints also plays a role in how much impact goes through our lower back. Stiff joints directly lead to more impact by limiting our ability to absorb the impact of our movements. Limited mobility also indirectly leads to more pain by causing movement compensations that lead to more impact on your lower back.

3. Strength

Building strength improves your ability to stabilize your spine and protects your joints as you move through your day. The unfortunate truth is that we lose muscle mass as we get older. If your muscles aren’t strong enough to support the activties that you like to do, more impact will be felt at lower back and cause lower back pain. 

To sum it up, lower back pain is caused by too much impact on our spine over too long a period of time. Pills, injections, and endless treatments all provide temporary relief but don’t solve the issue because they fail treat what causes lower back pain. A better approach involves learning to limit impact on our spine by improving movement patterns, mobility and strength.


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