Three Core Exercises That Make Your Back Pain Worse

Building a strong core is one of the best things you can do to solve lower back pain. A strong core will help limit impacts that go through your spine as you move through your day to prevent back pain and arthritis. With that being said, not all core exercises are created equal. In fact, some core exercises can actually make your lower back pain worse. Learn the three wor and what you should do instead.

The Sit Up

Repetitive spinal flexion is one of the primary causes of lower back in adults. The site up is a common core exercises that requires a lot of repetitive spinal flexion. This makes it a bad choice for a core exercise for anyone with lower back pain.

What To Do Instead: The Plank

A good alternative to the sit up is a plank. This isometric exercises limits impact on your spine while strengthening your anterior core muscles. There are also many variations so you can find one to match your ability level.

Find 10 Different Plank Variations Here

The Russian Twist

Bending and twisting is another common mechanism of lower back pain. The russian twists combines both which makes it a bad choice for those with lower back pain. Adding weight to this movement (like holding a ball) increases the risk of suffering a lower back injury with russian twists.

What To Do Instead: The Pallof Press

The Pallof Press is an anti-rotation exercise that strengthens your obliques and other important lower back stabilizers. It also minimizes movement so you can build core strength without stressing your lower back.

Leg Lowers

Leg lowers are a little more complicated in that they CAN be very use for lower back pain. The problem occurs when your body is not strong enough to hold the bottom position. When yoru core isn’t strong enough to perform, your pelvis will rock forward and rib cage will flare outword. This created a large amount of extension in the spine that can cause lower back pain.

What To Do Instead: The Deadbug

Before performing leg lowers you’ll want to make sure you have adequate strength. The deadbug is a way to build strength in our lower abs in a more controlled setting. Once you feel 100% confident with the deadbug you can try leg lowers.

Learn How To Perform The Deadbug  Here
Learn More About Each Exercise And Their Alternatives With The Video Below

The key to solving pain with strength is to build strength WITHOUT stressing your joints. To treat lower back pain you want to build a strong core while limiting impact on your spine. Avoid the worst core exercises for lower back pain and replace them with these safer variations.

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