The Six Best Exercises For Bone On Bone Knee Pain

A bone on bone knee is a term doctors use to refer to an advanced form of knee arthritis where the joint space and cartilage have deteriorated enough to the point that the knee bones are touching. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do reverse the the level of arthritis that has already developed. However, there are plenty of exercises to help limit pain, keep active, and stay off the surgery table. In this article we look at the best exercises for bone on bone knee pain.

Six Best Exercises For Bone On Bone Knee Pain

The best exercises for bone on bone knee pain are the ones that build STRENGTH without STRESSING your joints. The following exercises are safe, effective and a great place to start in building the strength necesary to maintain your moblity and independence.

The Glute Bridge

Building strong glutes and hamstrings is the best thing you can do to limit the impact that goes through your knees. The bridge is the safest and most effective way to build strength in your glutes to protect your knees and build functional strength.

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The Clamshell

The glute med muscle group is responsible for supporting your body in the single leg stance (like walking). Weakness in this muscle can cause your knee to cave-in and is a likely contributor to your bone on bone knee pain. The clam shell is the safest and most effective way to strengthen our glute med muscle group.

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Assissted Sit To Stand

Learning and practicing squat patterning is an important way to improve movement patterns and build strength to protect your knees. The Assisted Sit To Stand is a beginning squat exercise that is safe for anyone with bone on bone knee arthritis. Once you feel confident in this movement you can easily progress with the exercises found here.

Kettlebell March

Carries are some of the most effective exercises to functionally strengthen your core and legs. The Kettlebell March builds core strength, single leg strength, and improves balance to protect your knees and improve your ability to function through the day.

The Elevated Kettlebell Lift

Similar to the squat, the lift is another important movement pattern for those with knee arthritis. The Elevated Kettlebell lift is a safe and effective starting point for anyone with bone on bone knees. Not only does it build glute and hamstring strength, but it helps ingrain the lift movement pattern to further protect your knees during the course of your day. Learn more about how to perform the elevated kettlebell lift.

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The Single Leg Step Up

Step Ups are a great way to build functional strength in your legs and protect your knees from worsening arthritis. Building strength in this movement helps protect your knees during functional activities like going up and down stairs. Start with a low step and gradually work up as you build strength and confidence.

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Exercise is the best thing you can do for bone on bone knee pain to maintain your independence and stay off the surgery table. Improving movement patterns and building strength limits the impact of your knees and prevents your arthritis from getting worse. For more ways to improve, as well as an approachable, step-by-step strength program for anyone with arthritis, be sure to download our free guide ‘Solving Pain With Strength’.

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