The Most Common Causes Of Joint Pain In Adults

The traditional approach to treating joint pain is NOT working. Pills, injections and endless doctor visits all provide temporary relief without addressing the underlying cause of joint pain in adults. Treating underlying causes of joint pain is the only way to keep active and maintain your lifestyle as you get older. In this article we’ll look at the most common cause of joint pain in adults as they get older and learn how to correct them for less pain and arthritis.

The Most Common Cause Of Joint Pain In Adults As They Get Older

The primary cause joint pain in adults as they get older is IMPACT. Too much impact on a joint will cause pain. This is obvious with big impacts like a car accident or fall down the stairs. But less obvious with the smaller impacts that you accrue throughout the day.

These small, repetitive impacts add up over the years and will ALWAYS lead to joint pain and arthritis. Why is it important to understand this? Because this means that the only way to solve joint pain is to limit these impacts on your joints. This can ‘t be achieved through pills, injections, or endless doctor visits. This can ONLY be done with movement and strength.

How To Limit Impact On Your Joints For Less Joint Pain

Improving your movement is THE BEST way to limit impact on your joints and keep active strong and doing what you love – regardless of age. By addressing these three aspects of our movement we can spare ourselves from YEARS of joint pain and will drastically improve how you experience the world around you.

Movement Patterns

Movement patterns are defined as how we coordinate movements to perform basic tasks like sit, stand, bend forward, lift, etc. Improper movement patterns place more force on our joints which, over time, leads to pain that keeps us from being as active as we would like. Understanding how to hinge, lift, squat, push, pull etc. will save you from YEARS of joint pain and should be taught in every doctor’s office in the country.

Learn More About Improving Movement Patterns For Less Joint Pain

The hip hinge is an important movement pattern that protects your knees and lower back


How much movement we have at out joints also plays a role in how much impact goes through our joints. Stiff joints can lead to more impact both directly, by limiting our ability to absorb the impact of our movements (leading to more impact on our joints).

Or indirectly, through movement compensations. Your body is crazy smart…if you’re too stiff in one area, your body will find that range of motion somewhere else, usually at the expense of other joints that aren’t meant to take such a big impact (like your knees or back).

Missing mid back mobility leads to more impact on your neck and shoulders


Protecting our joints by building strength is the BEST thing you can do to keep active, strong, and doing what you love. The unfortunate truth is that we lose muscle mass as we get older. Which means if we’re not actively trying to build muscle, we are passively losing it. Strong muscles ensure that the impact of our daily life is handled by our muscles and not our joints.

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Inadequate strength leads to more impact on your joints during your favorite activities

To put it more accurately, pain can be part of getting older if we don’t take care of our bodies. But the take home should be that pain doesn’t have to be part of getting older. By taking steps to limit the impact on our joints through better movement and strength we can keep active, strong, and doing what we love – regardless of age. And the sooner we get started, the better.

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