The Best Treatment For Knee Arthritis (How To Avoid Surgery)

Knee arthritis is a common concern for adults as they get older.The traditional medical approach to treating knee arthritis leads you down a path of pills, injections, and surgery. This approach rarely leads to good long term outcomes and can get extremely expensive. A recent study found that the lifetime cost for someone diagnosed with knee arthritis is over $140,000 (yikes!). The best treatment for knee arthritis addresses underlying causes to ease pain, keep active, and avoid surgery.

Causes Of Knee Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is caused by too much wear and tear on the structures of your knee (articular cartilage, meniscus, etc.). Too much impact on your knee over too long a period of time leads to the bony growth (arthritis) that is often seen on X-Rays (see picture below). The best treatment for arthritis in the knee limits the impacts that goes through your joint and lead to arthritis. 

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The Best Treatment For Knee Arthritis

Knowing that knee arthritis is caused by too much wear and tear on the joint, the best treatment for knee arthritis limit impact at the knee. This can’t be achieved through pills, injections, or surgery. Improving movement is the only way to limit impact to ease pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older. Improving movement involves the following three things.

1. Movement Patterns

Movement patterns are defined as how we coordinate movements to perform basics tasks (think bending, lifting, and sitting). Poor coordination leads to more impact at the knee. Improving HOW we move helps limit impact on your joints. Learning to hinge, lift, and squat is the best treatment for knee arthritis that exists.

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Improving HOW we move limits impact at the knee for less arthritis.

2. Mobility

A lack of movement or stiffness in your joints can lead to more impact on your knees. When your joints lack flexibility, your body will compensate to achieve yoru desired movement. Often times this leads to more impact being placed on your knees rather than bier, stronger, joints. Improving mobility of your hips and ankles (yes ankles!) limits the impact that goes through your knees and is one of the best treatments for knee arthritis.

3. Strength

Building strength is the best thing you can do to protect your joints and treat knee arthritis. Strong hips, legs, and core ensures that the impact of our daily lives is handled by your muscles, rather than being transferred to your joints. 

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The best treatment for knee arthritis won’t be found in a doctors office or on a surgical table. Pills, injections, and surgery all provide temporary relief without addressin underlying causes. Improving movement and strength is the ONLY way to limit impact on your knee to help you ease pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older.

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