The Best Guide To Fixing Low Back Pain At Home

Low back pain is one of the most common problems in adults around the world. For the last 10 years I’ve been helping adults solve lower back pain, keep active, and maintain their lifestyle as they get older…even when nothing else has worked. I’ve put together everything I’ve learned in the this guide to fixing lower back pain in adults. In Part 1, I focus on what you need to KNOW to solve lower back pain.

Understanding The Cause Of Lower Back Pain

Low back pain in adults is most commonly the result of too much impact on our joints over too long a period of time. The cumulative effect of these smaller impacts that occur throughout our day, eventually lead to a bigger issue…like lower back pain. The ONLY way to solve lower back pain is to limit the impact that goes through our body on a day-to day-basis.

Pills, injections, endless treatments all provide temporary pain relief but do nothing to address the impact that goes through our joints. Treating symptoms without addressing the root cause leads to the pain coming back. Often worse and more frequent as we get older.  This guide will teach you how to limit impact on your lower back to fix low back pain once and for all.

Finding Your Neutral Spine

The first concept you must understand to fix low back pain is the concept of a neutral spine. The term ‘neutral spine’ refers to the position where all three curves of your spine are in perfect alignment. Maintaining this position as you move through you day and in your strength program is vital to fixing low back pain. Being able to find and keep a neutral spine will limit the impact goes through your low back and limit lower back pain.

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The Abdominal Brace

It’s easy enough to find and keep a neutral spine when standing still. But what about when you start moving? It’s just as easy for you to lose neutral spine once you start moving. Bracing is a way to engage your core musculature to maintain a neutral spine and take pressure off the structures of your spine.

To perform, simply brace your abdominal muscles as if someone were about to hit you in the stomach. This holds your spine in place as you move through your day.

Controlling Pelvic Movement

Pelvic positioning sets the foundation for spinal alignment. When your pelvis isn’t positioned properly, it changes the curves of your spine. This leads to more impact and discomfort on your lower back. Regaining control of your pelvis will help you complete the program more comfortably by taking pressure off your lower back. The Pelvic Rock is a great exercise to bring awareness back to your pelvic positioning.

Controlling Your Glutes

Your ‘glutes’ are a complex of three muscles that surround your hip…also known as your ‘butt’ muscles. Weak glutes are a primary cause of lower back pain in adults. Strong and functional glutes are needed for proper alignment and stability of the lower back. Long hours of sitting, standing, or inactivity can lead to an inability to engage your glutes. Remember, when our muscles don’t engage, more impact is placed on the structures of your lower back (discs and facet joints). 

There are many safe and effective ways to strengthen your glutes (more on this in Part 2). First, it’s important that you’re able to activate and control your glute muscles. This can be done with the Glute Squeeze And Relase exercise.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

There are many reasons to practice diapragmatic breathing (aka ‘Belly Breathing). Reducing impact on the spine is one of them. By filling your abdomen with air you can create create 360 degrees of stiffness around your spine to limit impact that goes through your joints.

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Part 1 of this guide to fixing low back pain is designed to teach you everything you need to KNOW. Knowing how to find a neutral spine, maintain pelvic and glute control, and properly breath all contribute to limiting impact on your spine for less lower back pain. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will show you exactly what you need to DO to fix lower back pain.

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