The Best Core Exercises For Lower Back Pain

The Best Core Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Searching online you’ll find 100’s of core strengthening exercises and routines. For those with lower back pain, finding core exercises that are both SAFE and EFFECTIVE is the key to solving lower back pain. The best core exercises for lower back pain allow you to build strength while limiting impact on your spine.

The Deadbug

Being able to maintain stable core while performing dynamic movements is vital to limiting impact on your spine. The deadbug is a great exercise to begin with to build a stable core. Being performed on yoru back allows you to control the movement and avoid stressing your spine. The goal is to be able to bring opposite arm and leg down while mainting a strong core position. Don’t  let lower back arch off the floor.

Learn How To Perform The Perfect Deadbug

The Birddog

The birddog is another core exercise that’s great for lower back pain. In fact, it’s so important that Dr. Stuart McGill (the back pain expert) includes it in his ‘Big 3’ exercises for lower back pain. This movement engages important spinal stabilizers. It also teachs your how to create and maintain tension so less force ends up going through your spine.

Find Stuart McGill’s Big Three Exercises Here

The Plank

The plank is an isometric exercise that targets your core muscles. I love this movement because there’s little to no movement which means less chance for aggravting your lower back pain. It’s also easy to progress or regress to match almost any ability level.

Learn 10 Plank Progressions For All Ability Levels

The Side Plank

The side plank engages important spinal stabilizers that protect your lower back. It’s another exercise in Dr. Stuart’s McGill ‘Big 3’ Exercises For Lower Back Pain. Similar to the plank, there’s a lot of different variations that you can use to match your ability level.

Find Your Side Plank Variation Here

The Pallof Press

Twisting is one of the most common ways people injure their lower back. Antirotation exercises, like the Pallof Press, are a type of core exercise that help you control the twisting movement for less impact on the spine.

Farmers Carry

Functional core exercises are movements that build core strength through everyday movements. As it turns out, lifting heavy weights and carrying them around is one of the best things you can do for lower back pain. The Farmer’s Carry is a full body core strengthening exercise that should be incoporporated into your lower back pain rountine.

Learn More About Each Exercise By Watching The Video Below

Anyone with lower back pain needs to be careful when choosing core exercises. Many common movements may strengthen your core but can actually make your lower back pain worse. The best core exercises for lower back pain allow you to build strength while limiting impact on your spine. Give these a try and let me know what you think.

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