The Best Core Exercise For Back Pain: Loaded Carries

Did you know the best core exercise for back pain is to simply lift up heavy things are carry them around? It really is that simple. Loaded Carries are some of the best core exercises for back pain. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of loaded carries and provide a few variations to help you get started.

Why Loaded Carries Are The Best Core Exercise For Back Pain

There are a number of reasons why loaded carries are the best core exercise for back pain which include, but not limited to:

For all the reasons listed above, loaded carries should be in our strength routine for lower back pain. For many adults over 40 this may be a new movement and be a little intimidating. I’ve included some variations to help you get started.

The Kettlebell March

If you’re brand new to loaded carries or are currently dealing with lower back pain, the kettlebell march is a great place to start. In this version you simply hold a weight in front of your body and march in place. Go as heavy as you feel comfortable.

The Suitcase March

The Suitcase March is similar only now you hold the weight at your side. Offsetting the weight to one side challenges your core in a different way and targets deeper core muscles and spinal stabilizers.

The Farmer’s Carry

Once you’ve mastered both march variations it’s time to grab two dumbbells or kettlebells and start walking. Be sure to slightly squeeze weights to create tension up arms. Roll shoulders back. And keep a strong upright torso while walking. Avoid swaying back and forth with each step.

The Suitcase Carry

The Suitcase Carry is the same only now you hold the weight in one hand. Just like the suitcase march, this offsetting weight challenges deeper spinal stabilizing muscles for less lower back pain. 

Hex Bar Farmer’s Carry

When carrying dumbbells and kettlebells, grip strength is going to be a limiting factor. Most people also don’t own heavy weights over 50 lbs. The Hex Bar variation of the Farmer’s Carry allows you to add serious weight to really build full body strength. 

Loaded carries are the best core exercise for back pain. All variations of this functional core exercise allow you to build strength without stressing your joints and should be included in your program to solve back pain.

Learn More Of The Best Core Exercises For Back Pain

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