The Best 5 Exercises To Ease Lower Back Pain In The Morning

It’s common for many adults as they get older to experience lower back pain in the morning. Rolling out of bed with a stiff, sore, and achy lower back makes it difficult to get your day started. The best thing to do for a lower back pain in the morning is to get moving. The following five exercises safe and effective exercises you should do EVERY morning to get rid of lower back pain and ease stiffness and achiness.

The Cat/Cow

Gentle pain free spinal movement . Start on your hands and knees. Arch your back while letting your head hand and rolling your pelvis inward. This is called the ‘cat’ position. Move into the cow position by dropping your trunk, lifting you head, and rocking pelvis back. Slowly move in between the two positions finding movements that feel good to you.

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a spinal decompression exercise that helps stretch your lower back to provide relief. Staying in the hands and knee position shift your hips back towards your heels. Keep your hands on the matt at reach in front. Hold position or move in and out. Whatever feels best for you.

Down Dog

The Down Dog is another great decompression and stretch for lower back pain in the morning. From you hand and knee position, curl your toes, press through you hands and send hips into the air. Peddle your feet trying to get heels close to ground. Press through your hands for move of an upper back stretch and mobilization.

Lunge Stretch

The lunge stretch opens up your hip flexors to relieve lower back pain. Get into the lunge position and move forward over your front foot. You should feel a stretch in the front side of your back leg. Slowly rock back and forth attemping to move further into the stretch with each repition. Remember to do both sides. Try the cat/cow lunge for to add a great hamstring stretch as well. 

Baby Squat

The baby squat is one of my favorite hip mobilization exercises for back pain in the morning. From your lunge position bring your back leg forward to come into a standing position. Reach your hands to the ground and place flat on the floor. Keeping hands on the floor drop your hips as low as you can (to get into the squat position). Lift your hips while keeping hands on the floor. Slowly move back and forth between these two positions, finding movements that feel good for you.

This simple and easy routine will help ease the stiffness and soreness that comes with lower back pain in the morning. Practice these five movements first thing out of bed and I’m confident you’ll feel great the rest of the day.

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