The #1 Cause of Joint Pain In Adults As They Get Older (And How To Fix)

The traditional medical approach to treating joint pain has it all wrong. Masking pain with pills, injections, or endless treatments provides short term relief without improving long term outcomes. This approach ALWAYS leads to pain getting worse as we age. Treating this primary cause of joint pain in adults will save you from years of discomfort and make sure you can keep active and maintain your lifestyle as you get older.

The #1 Cause of Joint Pain In Adults As They Get Older

Impact. The #1 cause of joint pain in adults is impact. This is obvious in traumatic injuries like a car accident or fall down the stairs. But gets more confusing for the ‘age-related’ pain. The type of jount pain with no obvious cause, tends to come and go, and that gets worse as we get older. That’s because age related joint pain is caused by the accumulation of smaller impacts when repeated over a longer period of time. Limiting these smaller impacts is the key to solving chronic joint pain.


The accumulation of smaller impacts over time is the primary cause of back, knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, and other joints pain in adults as they get older.

What Causes These Smaller Impacts?

These smaller impacts that can be traced back to movement and strength. When you don’t coordinate your movements properly more impact will be placed on your joints. If you don’t have adequate flexibility your body will compensate and place more impact on your joints. When your body is not strong enough to handle your daily activities the more impact goes through your joints. 

You don’t always ‘feel’ these smaller impacts as they’re happening. It’s the accumulation and repetition of these smaller impacts that damage your joints over time. Learning how to assess and address these causes will save you YEARS of pain.


An example of how poor movement can lead to more impact on the joints of your lower back and cause lower back pain.

How To Limit Impact

If the #1 cause of joint pain is too much impact, the #1 fix would be to limit impact that goes through your joints. This can’t be achieved through pills, injections, or endless treatments.  The only way to limit impact on your joints is to improve movement and strength. The three areas of movement that are most important to focus on include:

  1. Movement Patterns (Movement Coordination)
  2. Mobility (How Much Movement)
  3. Strength (Control of Movement)
Assessing and addressing these three things is the key to living your life without any limitations.

Improving movement and strength is the BEST way to limit impact and fix joint pain as you get older.

The reason pills, injections and endless treatments is they fail to address the underlying cause of joint pain in adults. The repetitive impact on your joints. The only way to limit impact on your joints is to learn how to improve movement and build strength to support your daily activities.

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