Success Stories: Lower Back Pain

I Thought I Was Going To Have Reduced Mobility For The Rest Of My Life

 “I have always been a relatively active person – biking, hiking, barre classes – until I injured my back and spent a year and a half unable to do any of my favorite activities without aggravating the injury.  I tried many therapies – massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, and strength training exercises that were supposed to be good for an injured back – but nothing worked.  I thought I was going to have reduced mobility for the rest of my life.  It has been 6 months since my last session at Evolve and I feel great and am able to do all of my favorite activities again!”  Erica – Late 40’s

I’m doing things and lifting weight that I never dreamed was possible

“I am so grateful that Vanessa recommended your program to me. After years of chronic back pain from working out incorrectly for my body, the education you’ve given me has made it possible for me to do the work to heal. I’m doing things and lifting weight that I never dreamed was possible. I thought the chronic pain was just part of life with EDS. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be. Priceless.” Kelly  – Late 40’s

I Thought I Was Destined For Surgery

“I have been dealing with back pain that would stop me from athletic activity for years. I had done physical therapy, which helped but didn’t solve the problem. I was dreading a Doctor recommended MRI feeling that I was destined for surgery. After completing Dr. Baird’s program I am fully active again and currently not held back by my pain.  My only regret is putting it off so long.” Scott – Mid 40’s

Back To Enjoying Her Bike Rides

After years of cycle training and putting up with back aches and pains, your program helped me discover how my movement issues were contributing to my back problems.  Your program successfully helped me to live and pedal without pain and what to do if I ever experience pain!” Kristina – Early 60’s

Success Stories: Knee Pain

No More Pills And Endless Doctor Visits

“Two years ago, I crawled on my hands and knees out of my office, down the hall, out the building and to my husband’s car. I was in so much pain from a knee sprain that I couldn’t walk. My Dr put me on a pain pill regimen and I had PT appts once every 3months (not the life I wanted). First impressions, Doc and his staff are incredibly friendly professionals. I have now been working with Dr. Baird since February  and my knee feels great and almost at 100%. Walking moving, wood working, bending, and staying active. I didn’t think I’d be back upright again. But Doc has created a plan just for me. I am forever grateful. They are consistent, they are kind, they are personal, and THEY ARE GOOD!!! But the best part, they have become FAMILY.” Tamra– Early 50’s

15 Years Of Knee Pain Gone In 3 Months

“It’s been a constant battle with my knee pain for over 15 years. The pain would come
and go, but it really amped up when I began an exercise routine around 2010. I had seen
physical therapists and my most recent sports medicine doctor who told me to ice my
knees after working out and to live with it. I had come to accept that I wouldn’t be able to
exercise and run like I wanted to. It’s been a year since we finished our program and
now, I am up to 5 miles, which is a new record for me! I’m hoping to run a 10k this
summer. It’s wonderful to be at this point in my life without dealing with my knee pain
and I have Evolve to thank for it!” Kristen – Late 30’s

How My Knee Injury Led Me Back To An Active, Pain Free Life

“After putting off getting help for my knee pain for an entire year after a hiking injury, I am
so excited that consistent strength training and some light therapy was all I needed to
actually enjoy hiking again! I had a strained relationship with exercise in the past, in part
due to the culture of fitness hysteria and body shaming. However, this injury was a blessing
in disguise, showing me that a consistent workout routine was not just for vanity or the
expectations of others, but it was to enable me to live the active life I want, pain free.” Karilyn – Portland, OR – Late 30’s

Success Stories: Shoulder Pain

I Just Turned 40 and My Shoulder Feels Better Than Ever

“When I turned 40 in September of last year, I was overweight, out of shape and felt horrible. I decided to embark on a journey of self-care and fitness. A few months into my training, I was pretty beat up and had a significant shoulder injury. One of my coaches sent me to Evolve. I was a bit nervous to say the least. I was put at ease quickly by the staff who assured me I could improve without surgery. I was astonished with the results! Not only was my shoulder better than ever… I had learned a lot about how to maintain it and keep the problem from reoccurring. Hands down, a fantastic experience all around.” Peter B – Portland, OR – Early 40’s

I’m Back to Exercising Pain-Free and Feel Confident in My Shoulder.

 “I had issues with my shoulders when I was working out with my trainer. My trainer recommended I see a chiropractor and I selected Evolve Performance. Overall, my treatment plan worked perfectly and my shoulder pain is gone. My trainer has noticed improved range of motion in my arm and shoulder movements. As someone in their 60’s, I appreciated the focus on an improvement plan that I can actively participate in and delivers long-term benefits. I would recommend Evolve Performance to anyone with similar goals.”  David – Portland, OR –  Early 60’s

I’m Finally Able to Exercise, Sing, and Perform Without Pain Holding Me Back

“I’ve been going to Evolve for about five months now and it has been nothing short of life changing! I’ve had chronic shoulder and jaw issues for the last six years of my life. Since working with Carl, I’ve been able to finally do things in my active lifestyle I haven’t done in those six years! And most importantly for me, being an active singer/songwriter, I haven’t had lockjaw since working with Carl! Thank you so much Carl and I highly recommend his passion and knowledge to anyone looking to change to a pain free life!” Curtis – Early 40’s – Portland, OR

I Avoided Surgery For A Torn Rotator Cuff And Labrum Without Missing A Day Of Work

“I started having shoulder pain last spring and it got worse as time passed. I tried massage therapy, moving on to chiropractic care. Nothing worked. Was told by my chiropractor that I should get an MRI which I did in September. The diagnosis was a torn rotator cuff and a torn labrum and was told I needed surgery. I  have a physically demanding job involving the lifting and awkward twisting of heavy items which made it not only more difficult but painful. Surgery would have me sidelined for 6 months or more. After my program I have a lot less pain, I can throw a ball again. Just the little things like household chores are no longer painful or impossible. I also haven’t missed a day of work.” Todd – Late 50’s