The Best Low Impact Strength Training For Lower Back Pain

Strength training is the most important thing you can to to solve lower back pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older. Building strength helps to limit the impact that goes through your spine as you move through your day and perform your favorite activities. For anyone struggling with lower back pain it’s important to find a strength training routine that’s both safe and effective. But where to start? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. 

Low Impact Strength Training For Lower Back Pain

When introducing strength training for those with lower back pain it’s important to find exercises that don’t stress your spine. Starting with exercises that are too advanced puts you at a higher risk of injurying your joints and starting the healing process all over again. The following low impact strength exercises are the exact movement we use in my clinic in Portland to help clients solve years of lower back pain.

1. Bridging

Building glute and hamstring strength is the most important thing someone with low back pain can do. The glute bridge is the safest and most effective way to introduce glute strengthening for anyone looking for back pain solutions. It’s also an easy exercise to progress to keep up with your ability level.

2. Planking

Building core strength is another important component of solving low back pain. There are 100’s of exercises to strengthen your core, with low back pain, planking is the best as it limits movement through the spine. Try Knee Planks or the Deadbug for slightly easier variations.

3. The Side Plank

Side planking is another isometric exercise that strengthens deeper low back stabilizers and an important strength exercise to improve back pain solutions. Start on your knees and work up to your feet.

4. The Birddog

The birddog is a great core coordination exercise as well as a beginning postural strength exercise. It’s low impact on the spine makes it ideal for an early strengthening exercise to solve back pain.

Building strength is the most important thing you can do to protect your lower back and solve years or back pain. The exercises covered here are the most safe and effective way to begin your strength journey. Starting with a solid strength foundation will help you continue to keep active as you transition to bigger, more challenging movements.

Low impact strength exercises are just one step to solving lower back pain. Click the link below to learn more about how to solve chronic back pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older.

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