How To Improve Forward Head Posture In Three Simple Steps

Forward head posture is one of the most common causes of neck pain and headaches. With more work being done at computers and more people on their phones the number of those with forward head posture is rising. Luckily, the fix isn’t too complicated. The following three step process for how to improve forward head posture will help you ease pain and build strength to fix neck pain and headaches once and for all.

Step 1: Regain Awareness

Most people don’t notice when their head starts to creep forward. Which is why the the first thing you have to do to improve forward head posture is find ways to bring awareness back to our posture and head positioning. In my clinic I use the two exercises below to bring awareness back to your posture.

The Chin Tuck and Brugger’s Postural Relief exercises are great ways to bring awareness back to proper head positioning.

Step 2: Improve Mid Back Mobility

Forward head posture is almost ALWAYS combined with a rounded and stiff mid back. Improving mid back mobility limits your heads tendency to fall forward while sitting and is required to improve forward head posture. A foam roller is a helpful too to improve mid back mobility. The following two movements are my favorite ways to improve mid back mobility into extension and rotation.

The Foam Roll Extension and Foam Roll Thread The Needle are two of the best exercises to improve mid back mobility.


Step 3: Build Strength

Long term fixes for neck pain caused by forward head posture requires you to build strength. Building strength in your upper back holds your head in position and resists the tendency to fall forward. The  row is an extremely important movement in strengthening you upper back. The Facepull and Banded Row are two of my favorites to improve forward head posture.

The Facepull and Banded Row are great places to start to build strength in the upper back to improve forward head posture


When it comes to improving forward head posture, you don’t need to overcomplicate it. Following the three step process outlined above will save you from years of neck pain and headaches without needing to visit the doctor or physical therapist.

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