How To Get Up Off The Floor When Limited by Pain or Mobility

For those limited by mobility and/or joint pain, getting up off the floor can be a struggle. This can make it hard to complete daily tasks, play with your kids and grandkids, or participate in many of your favorite activities. Learning how to get up off the floor has the power to drastically improve your quality of life.

How To Get Up Off The Floor In 5 Easy Steps

Creating manageable steps is a great way to practice and train your body on how to get up off the floor.Use the following 5 steps to help build the strength and confidence to get up off the floor without any assistance.

  1. Start by getting on your hands and knees.
  2. Walk hands back or lift trunk to get onto you knees (in upright position).
  3. Work into kneeling position by bringing one foot forward and placing flat on the floor
  4. Curl back toes (if possible) and press off front leg to stand up.
  5. Walk feet together to get into standing position.

If any of these movements are difficult to perform initially I recommend using assistance (like a TRX Suspension Trainer). This will help with balance and allow you to use your arms until your legs are strong to perform.

Dr. Baird demonstrates this technique on how to get up off the floor in the video below:

Quick Trick To Help Get Up Off The Floor

Ideally we want to be strong, mobile and functional enough to get off the floor without assistance. But building the strength and confidence takes time. While you’re building strength you can use a simple trick to work your way into a standing position.

  1. Start on hands and knees
  2. Push through hands to send hips in the air (down dog position)
  3. Walk feet or hands together until able to stand up

Follow along with Dr. Baird as he demonstrates this trick to get up off the floor in the video below:

Maintaining mobility and independence as you age is a universal human desire. It’s one of the reasons why learning how to get up off the floor is so important. Dr. Carl Baird has dedicated his career to helping adults build the strength and confidence to live active, healthy and happy lives. Download his free program ‘Solving Pain With Strength’ toget started building strength without stressing your joints.

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