How To Fix Low Back Pain: Three Movements To Master

When learning how to fix low back pain, how you move is just as important as how much you move. Movement patterns is a term that refers to how you coordinate movements to perform basic tasks. How you sit, how you lift, how you bend forward are all examples. When we’re kids all this movement comes so naturally to us. But as we get older we start to lose this coordination.

And if you lose this basic coordination you’ll end up putting more impact on your body, often times the low back. Overtime this causes more pain and dysfunction. And while the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, it’s unrealistic to expect a full recovery if we keep repeating the irritating movements. Which is why learning HOW to move vital in learning how to fix lower back pain.

How To Fix Low Back Pain

Three Movements To Master

The Hinge

The hip hinge refers to how we bend forward and is the foundation for all the other movements. Learning the hip hinge will keep your spine in a neutral position to limit impact on your low back as you move through you day. Learning how to bend forward without rounding your spine will save you from years of low back pain. It’s also the foundation for many other strength and fitness movements and is important to understand as you begin your strength journey.

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The Lift

Lifting is one of the most common ways people injure their low back. It’s not that lifting is a dangerous movement to perform. But when done without attention to form it can put a lot of stress on your low back. Understanding how to lift from the floor can move this impact from your low back into your glutes and hamstrings where it belongs. It’s also one of the best movements to build full body strength and is a vital piece in fixing low back pain.

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The Squat

Squats are a full body movement that can be used to improve movement, mobility and strength. But the squat isn’t just something we do for exercise. Sitting, standing and using the restroom are all examples of how we use the squat throughout our day. Being able to coordinate and build strength in this movement without stressing out joints is key to fixing low back pain. 

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Learning to hinge, lift and squat is the best ways to fix low back pain. Chronic lower back pain is caused by too much impact on the spine over too long a period of time. Improving how you move limits the impact that goes through your spine to treat the root cause of low back pain. And it’s why I can confidently say that improving movement patterns is the most important thing you can do to fix low back pain.

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  1. Congratulations on your move.
    I appreciate the simplicity of these videos, to break down the pieces and help understand the motions. Excellent – looking forward to practicing the hip hinge and the squat with minor weight! Thank you< Dr Carl!

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