How To Fix Front Hip Pain When Squatting

The squat is a full body movement that is used to build strength and improve mobility for less joint pain. Many adults are limited in their ability to squat due to hip pain. Most commonly this pain is described as ‘pinchy’ pain at the front of the hip. Luckily there is an easy fix. Watch the video below to learn how to fix front hip pain when squatting.

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Front Of Hip Pain When Squatting? Fix Your Stance

Years ago, the standard advise for foot positioning with the sqquat was ‘hip width, toes pointed forward’. This once sized fits all approach to squat stance can cause front hip pain when squatting in some people. 

What’s been found over the years is that hip anatomy can vary greatly in each individual. Which means that each person has their own unique squat stance. Finding your perfect squat stance is a quick and easy way to fix front hip pain when squatting. Learn how to find your perfect stance in the video below.

To Learn More About How To Fix Hip Pain When Squatting Watch The Full Video Below

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