How To Do Lunges With Bad Knees – Three Simple Solutions

The lunge is one of the most important movements to help solve chronic knee pain, keep active, and maintain your lifestyle as you get older. But if you’re struggling with knee pain it can be hard to build strength in this movement without causing more problems. Not to worry. Below you’ll find three simple solutions to show you how to do lunges with bad knees.

Work Your Way Up

Knee pain with lunges suggests that your body isn’t strong enough to support the movement. The good news is that anyone can build their way up to a lunge, even with bad knees. Using easier lunge variations will help you build strength and confidence in the movement until your body is ready to do the lunge without knee pain. The Step Up is a great, entry level lunge exercise that almost everyone can perform.

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 Build strength and confidence in your lunge with the Step Up exercise.

Use Assistance

Another way to learn how to do lunges with bad knees is by adding assistance. This is where suspension training like the TRX comes in very handy. Adding assitance does two things. First, it allows you to use your arms as you practice this movement to safely and effecively build strength in your lunge. Second, it provides a level of safety that will allow you to feel more confident as you challenge yourself in this movement.

TRX lunges help you build strength and confidence in the lunge movement.

Switch To A Reverse Lunge

Th easiest way to learn how to do lunges with bad knees is to switch to a reverse lunge. The reverse lunge is a safer variation for a number of reasons. First, it utilizes your glutes and hamstrings rather than your quads and patellar tendon (the source of a lot of knee pain). And second, it doesn’t requre the eccentric component of the lunge. This limits the stress that goes through your patellar tendon and knee joint with the lunge. 

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The reverse lunge is a much safer variation of the lunge for people with bad knees.

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Learning how to do lunges with bad knees is easier than you think. Using easier variations, adding assistance, or switching lunge variations and three easy ways to build strength and confidence with your lunge to help you build strength without stressing your joints. For a more detailed program, be sure to check out our free program ‘Solving Pain With Strength’ at the link below.

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