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How To Safely Build Strength To Solve Chronic Joint Pain, Keep Active, And Maintain Your Lifestyle As Your Get Older.

Solving Pain With Strength

An Approachable, Step-by-Step Strength Program For Adults Limited By Joint Pain

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Strength Training is the most effective tool for treating pain, keeping active, and living healthy and happy lives. But when you’re in pain, or new to strength training, it can be difficult knowing where to start.

Inside Our Free Guide You’ll Learn: 

  • How to solve years of joint pain without wasting time and money at the doctors office.
  • What equipment you need (and don’t need) for your home gym
  • The five most important exercises to build strength without stressing your joints.
  • The exact strength program we’ve used in clinic to solve YEARS of pain – even when other therapies haven’t worked.

The goal of this guide is to help you start on your strength journey by providing specific and actionable advice to help you get started – no matter your current ability level.

The Three Steps To Solving Pain With Strength

Woman HInging

Build Foundation

woman deadlifting

Add Resistance

Build Strength

About Dr. Carl Baird

Hey There! I’m Dr. Carl Baird. 

For the last 10 years I’ve been helping people solve pain with strength. Having seen firsthand the life changing impacts that strength training can have on people’s lives, I can confidently say that strength training is the best tool to treat pain that is available to us. 

The principles taught in this guide are the same I have been using in my clinic to help adults 40+ solve YEARS of back, knee, shoulder, hip, any sort of joint pain – even when nothing else has worked.

It has been my mission since 2012 to help my community build the strength and confidence to live active, healthy, and happy lives. I hope my program is able to improve how you experience this beautiful world we live in.