Five Reasons Why Strength Training Is The Best Treatment For Joint Pain

Joint pain and arthritis is a condition that impacts nearly 70 millions american adults. It’s by far the most common condition that keeps people from being active and maintaining their lifestyle as they get older. Traditional approaches to treating joint pain provide temporary relief without solving the problem. In this article you’ll learn why strength training is the best treatment for joint pain and arthritis.

The Only Treatment To Correct Root Cause

The underlying cause of almost all nontraumatic joint pain in adults is small, repetitive impacts compounded over a long period of time. These impacts lead to degeneration of articular cartilage which causes pain and arthritis. The only way to successfully treat joint pain,is to limit these impacts on your joints. 

Traditional treatments of pills and injections provide temporary pain relief, but don’t reduce the impact that goes through these joints. Chiropractic adjustments and massage also help relieve pain, but don’t address this underlying cause. This allows your joint pain to get progressively worse and more frequent as you get older. Strength training is the only treatment that limits impacts on your joints and is the #1 reason why it’s the best treatment for joint pain in adults.

Problems with movement and strength cause repetitive impact on our joints which gets worse over time.

Improves Mobility and Movement

The best way to limit impact on your joints is to improve movement, mobility, and strength. Of those three, strength exercises are the only ones that improve all three. Eccentric moves required in most strength programs is the BEST way to elongate muscles and improve flexibility. Hinging, squatting, and lifting are all strength exercises that improve important movement patterns to protect your joints as your move through your day.

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Strength exercises also improve mobility and movement to limit impact on your joints for long term joint pain relief.

It’s A Broad Spectrum Treatment

Strength training is what we consider a ‘broad spectrum’ treatment. Meaning not only does it help limit joint pain, but treats a host of other conditions that creep up as we get older. Strength training can be used to treat osteoporosis. It improves your immune system to fight off respiratory viruses. It lowers blood pressure. It improves cardiovascular health to limit the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It improves sleep and balance. The health benefits of strength training are endless. 

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Improves Mental Health

There is not a single person on earth who has worked to build physical strength who hasn’t also developed mental strength as well. Building strength takes discipline, hard work and dedication. These traits are also required to build mental toughness, better preparing you for the hard times we all experience in life.

Building physical strength requires the same things needed to build mental strength

Cheap And Available Everywhere

Healthcare costs for joint pain in the Unites States have risen to $261 to $293 BILLION dollars a year. Individual costs from pills and endless treatments quickly add up with surgeries going for upwards of $30,000 dollars. Strength training is easily the cheapest and most easily available treatment for joint pain available. Most can do a quick google search to find exercises and get started to free.

Strength training is BY FAR the best treatment for joint pain and arthritis. Not only does it relieve pain so you can maintain your lifestyle as you get older, but improves almost every other aspect of your health. Name one other medical treatment that does that.

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2 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Strength Training Is The Best Treatment For Joint Pain”

  1. Hey Carl….

    I couldn’t agree w you more!
    Working out with strength training is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Had nothing to do with pain but your reminder to others w joint pain cannot be said enough.

    Conventional doctors push drug and other application as their only option, never discussing root cause and other options. Those going to PT for the most part are doing stretch exercises and maybe some basic resistance, not strength training.

    Cindy Lee

    1. Dr. Carl Baird DC, MS

      Hey Cindy, so glad to hear the impact strength training has had for you. Your points about PT are 100% spot on as well. I think I’ll make one of my next articles on it!

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