Common Causes of Osteoarthritis In Adults And How To Fix

Any doctor will tell you that  osteoarthritis is caused by too much ‘wear and tear’ on your joints. What they often won’t tell you is what causes this wear and tear so you can do something about it. Instead they’ll prescribe pills to manage the soreness and pain. Offer injections if the pain gets bad enough. And then move to joint replacement surgery if all else fails.

All of this is completely unnecessary and avoidable if we take the time to assess and address the underlying causes of osteoarthritis. Treating the following causes of osteoarthritis will help you keep active, maintain your lifestyle, and avoid pills and surgery.

Movement Patterns (How We Move)

How you coordinate movements to perform basic tasks like sit, stand, bend forward, lift, etc. all impact how much impact goes into your joints. Improper movement patterns as we move through our day lead to more impact on your joints which, over time, leads to the wear and tear that causes arthritis.

Understanding how to hinge, lift, squat, and lunge will save you from YEARS of joint pain and worsening arthritis and should be taught in every doctor’s office in the country.

Improving ‘how we move’ limits impact on our joints to treat osetoarthritis.

Mobility (How Much Movement We Have)

A lack of flexibility and mobility also contribute to wear and tear on your joints. Both directly, by decreasing our ability to absorb impact of each step or movement we make. Or indirectly, by causing movement compensations, that lead to more force on your joints (most commonly the knees and back). Improving joint mobility lowers the impact on your joints making mobility work a great way to treat the cause osteoarthritis.

Improving joint mobility both directly and indirectly limits the wear and tear on your joints.

Strength (How Well We Can Control Movement)

Strong muscles protect your joints. When muscles aren’t strong enough to support your lifestyle, more impact is place on your joints which, over time, causes osteoarthritis. 

And the sad truth is we lose muscle mass as we age. Which means if we’re not actively building strength – we’re passively losing it as we get older. To treat arthritis and limit joint pain it’s vital that strength training be part of your plan.

Building strength protects your joints from wear and tear and is a greatway to treat causes of osteoarthritis.

Understanding the causes of osteoarthritis is good. But actively taking steps to improve movement and strength to treat arthritis is 100x better. Download my free guide ‘Solving Pain WIth Strength’ to get a step by step problem to improve movement and build strength to limit joint pain and treat the causes of arthritis.

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