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Before checking your email, I have any exciting announcement to make. For the first time ever, our one-of-a-kind movement and strength training programs are available online!

Now you can learn to solve lower back pain from the comfort of your own home. Read more below!

Solving Pain With Strength – Lower Back Pain Program

After 10 years of perfecting, our clinically proven exercise program to solve chronic lower back pain in adults is available to you! Now you can get the EXACT program Dr. Baird has used in his clinic to help 100’s of adults ease lower back pain and maintain their lifestyle as they get older – even when nothing else has worked.

A Few More Things About This Program:

  • Designed Specifically For Adults Limited By Joint Pain: The program includes the safest and most effective exercises for solving lower back pain. We will show you how to safely build strength, without stressing your joints
  • Builds Confidence In Your Body’s Ability To Do What You Love: Our educational, strength based program not only eases lower back pain, but builds confidence in your movement so you can get back to enjoying all your favorite activities.
  • Provides Clarity: No more guesswork and searching the internet trying to find what works. Know exactly what exercises you should be doing to improve movement and build strength to protect your lower back.
  • Approachable Strength Program For All Ability Levels: Strength training can be an intimidating place for anyone getting started. Our step-by-step, progressively challenging approach to strength programming is both safe and challenging.

All This For Only $29.99