Self Care Products

Find the best tools to manage pain from home. These are all products that I personally use in my clinic and can attest to their effectiveess.

Massage Tools

HyperVOLT Percussion Massager

The HyperVOLT from HyperIce is the best percussion massage device for home use. With three speeds and 5 interchangeable heads you can use the HyperVOLT anywhere on the body. You will find many cheaper imitations online but this is one product where it’s worth it to go brand name. I have not seen a huge difference between the original HyperVOLT and HyperVOLT 2.0.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been used for 1000’s of years to speed healing and treat pain (read more here). I use it in my clinic to treat muscle and fascial pain, peripheral neuropathies, and improve overall movement.

RockPods Cupping Set

In my office I have a few different sets of cupping tools but my favorite and most used is easily RockPods by RockTape. A few things I love about RockPods. First, they don’t require messy gel to suction onto your skin. And second, they have two different levels of suction to adjust to the area you will be treating.

Silicone Cupping Set

For muscle and fascial pain I also use a set of silicone cups. These cups are great for ‘glide cupping’ in which you move the cups up and down fascial lines to was pain and speed healing.


Topical Pain Relieving Gels

Topical pain relievers have long been used to treat joint and muscle pain. These cooling and warming gels work by providing another stimulus to your brain that overrides the pain signals and are great ways to manage pain at home.

BioFreeze Pain Relieving Gel

Used in every clinic and training room I have ever worked in, BioFreeze is the #1 clinically recommended brand for topical pain relief. It’s unique menthol formula delievrs fast acting and long lasting pain relief with a nice ‘cooling’ sensation. The ‘BioFreeze Professional’ blend has longer lasting effects than original and would be my recommendation for your home supply.

China-Gel Topical Pain Relief Gel

Another topical pain reliever that I use in my clinic is China-Gel. Its deep penetrating formulation provides a cool-to-warm sensation that melts away soft tissue pain and soothes sore muscles and joints. The gel itself is more like a lotion which makes it easier to use during massages and other soft tissue work.


KinesioTape is a great tool to ease pain, regain posture, and improve movement.


With so many different K-Tape brands it can be hard to know which to choose. The only consideration I have for is how well the tape sticks to the skin. Many brands lose their adhesive quickly causing the tape to fall off within hours. That’s the reason I use and recommend RockTape in my clinic. It also comes with an informational insert showing you how to apply to different areas of the body.

Voodoo Floss

Compression bands (also called Voodoo floss) are used to improve mobility and treat joint and muscle pain.

The compression band from PRx performance is a great option for voodoo flossing.