The Three Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Today I’ll show you the three best exercises for back pain relief. These exercises are the same ones that we teach to every client we work with at our clinic in Portland. They’re simple, can be done anywhere, and extremely effective at relieving back pain and stiffness. Which makes them great options to use first thing in the morning, as a warm up before activity, or anytime you’re feeling stiff and achy in your lower back.

The Three Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Many doctors will tell you to rest your lower back pain. The truth is that movement is the BEST thing you can do to overcome pain as fast as possible. Gentle, pain-free movement not only helps ease pain but also speeds the healing process so you can recover more quickly. Having these three exercises in your back pocket will help you know exactly what to do when your back pain starts bothering you.

1. Pelvic Rocks

Pelvic rocks are an easy way to get pain free movement targeted in our lower back. Simply lay on your back, and slowly rock you pelvis back and forth (think flattening and exaggerating your low back arch). Keep it in the pain free range even if it means limiting the range of motion. You will slowly be able to increase at your back heals.

2. Cat/Cow’s

The Cat/Cow exercise is a great way to get flexion/extension movement into our entire spine. Keep the movement in a pain free range and slowly increase as your body heals.

3. Side Lying Twists

Side lying twists are the best way to get some gentle rotational movement in our spine. This one is a client favorite as it incorporates a nice gentle stretch on our muscles as well.

Next time you’re dealing with back pain or stiffness, give these three exercises  a try to help to help ease pain and make a faster recovery. Finding relief through pain free movement is just the first step to solving lower back pain. If your pain is limiting your ability to keep active, be sure to learn all 12 Steps to solving back pain at the link below.

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2 thoughts on “The Three Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief”

  1. How often and how many reps should I do when beginning this program? Also how often?
    Also do you have any videos that explain how go about daily life in back pain ? I would love to see how to make a bed, load the dishwasher and especially how to pick up clothes off the floor. When I hip hinge can’t reach the floor without bending my knees a lot. Is it better to squat to reach the floor?

    1. Dr. Carl Baird DC, MS

      All great questions Gina. For all my programs I start with each exercise at 1 minute and perform 2x through. For pain relief, I would do as often as you’d like for pain. You can follow along our 5 minute back pain relief routine at this link:

      You are correct the hinge won’t get you to the floor. The lift and the squat are both great options to lift things off the floor.

      No videos on how to perform daily life activities, but that is a great idea. I’ll have to put some together!

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