Back Pain Solutions: The Best Low Impact Strength Exercises

woman birddog exercise

Getting stronger is one of the best permanent back pain solutions we have available to us. Making sure our body is strong enough to handle our daily life is the best way to limit the impact on our back and keep us active, healthy and happy…regardless of age.

The last thing we want to do when introducing strength exercises is to aggravate out pain. Which is why it’s important that we choose strength exercises with the least amount of impact on the spine early in the process. In this article I’ve included the best low impact strength to start on your journey to solve back pain.

1. Bridging

Building glute and hamstring strength is the most important thing someone with low back pain can do. The glute bridge is the safest and most effective way to introduce glute strengthening for anyone looking for back pain solutions. It’s also an easy exercise to progress to keep up with your ability level.

2. Planking

Building core strength is another important component of solving low back pain. There are 100’s of exercises to strengthen your core, with low back pain, planking is the best as it limits movement through the spine. Try Knee Planks or the Deadbug for slightly easier variations.

3. The Side Plank

Side planking is another isometric exercise that strengthens deeper low back stabilizers and an important strength exercise to improve back pain solutions. Start on your knees and work up to your feet.

4. The Birddog

The birddog is a great core coordination exercise as well as a beginning postural strength exercise. It’s low impact on the spine makes it ideal for an early strengthening exercise to solve back pain.

When using strength for our back pain solutions it’s important to find a starting point that is challenging AND safe. The four floor exercises are great ways to introduce strength training until your back heals enough to incorporate bigger movements.

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