“Solve Lower Back Pain While Building The Strength And Confidence To Live Active, Healthy, And Happy Lives”

Solving Pain With Strength’s – Lower Back Pain Program

After 10 years of development, our clinically proven exercise program to solve chronic lower back pain in adults is available to you! Now you can get the EXACT program Dr. Baird has used in his clinic to help 100’s of adults ease lower back pain and maintain their lifestyle as they get older – even when nothing else has worked.

After 10 years of development and clinical practice, it’s finally here…

The 8-week, at-home exercise program that’s helped hundreds of adults find lasting solutions to their back pain and get back to enjoying life…even when nothing else has worked. This program is:

  • Designed Specifically For Adults Limited By Joint Pain: Certain considerations need to be made to help build strength with those with lower back pain. We will show you how to safely build strength, without stressing your joints
  • Builds Confidence In Your Body’s Ability To Do What You Love: Our educational, strength based program not only eases lower back pain, but builds confidence in your movement so you can get back to enjoying all your favorite activities.
  • Provides Clarity: No more guesswork and searching the internet trying to find what works. Know exactly what exercises you should be doing to improve movement and build strength to protect your lower back.
  • Approachable Strength Program For All Ability Levels: Strength training can be an intimidating place for anyone getting started. Our step-by-step, progressively challenging approach to strength programming is both safe and challenging.

 Imagine How Great It Would Feel

Many people have been living with back pain for so long that they’ve forgotten what life without pain is like. Imagine how great it would feel:
  • To feel strong and confident in your body – regardless of age.

  • To not have back pain determine what you can, or cannot, do.

  • To not have to worry about your lower back going out if your push it too far

  • To get more joy and fulfillment from your favorite activities.

  • To never miss out on outings and adventures with family and friends.

It’s all possible. 

It’s About More Than Pain

After suffering from years of back pain Molly was able to complete her 10 day hiking adventure in Tibet by completing her 8 week program.

The Back Pain Expert That Adults Turn To When Nothing Else Has Worked 

Hey There! I’m Dr. Carl Baird. 

After spending years working in traditional chiropractic clinics, treating the same people with the same back pain month after month, I grew tired of being a ‘band aid’ solution to lower back pain. I realized something needed to change if I wanted to have a bigger impact on people’s lives. 

Having worked as a strength and fitness coach prior to returning to school, I knew the positive impact that strength training has on reducing back pain, building confidence and maintaining health as we age and wanted to bring that expertise into the healthcare field.

I opened my private practice Evolve Performance Healthcare with the goal of improving how people experience the world around them. For the last 10 years I’ve been helping people solve pain with a combination of full body chiropractic care and movement and strength programs.

Having seen firsthand the life changing impacts that strength training can have on people’s lives, I can confidently say that strength training is the best tool to treating back pain that is available to us. 

The principles taught in this program are the same I have been using in my clinic to help adults 40+ solve YEARS of back pain – even when nothing else has worked..

A Step-By-Step Program To Take You From Concerned, Frustrated, And Worried About Your Pain To Clear, Confident and Optimistic About What Your Future Holds

Building The Foundation

Adding Resistance

Building Strength

Here’s Everything You Get With Our Lower Back Pain Program.

The Best Strategies To Relieve Back Pain Without Wasting Time And Money At The Doctors Office.

Most instances of low back pain can be solved from home. We teach you the best home remedies to ease a sore, stiff, and pain lower back.

Easy exercises to protect your lower back during the course of your day.

We help bring awareness back to your body and lower back to help you protect your spine and prevent pain as you go through your day.

Four Progressively Challenging, 30-Minute Workouts That Can Be Done From Home

No more guessing what exercises you should be doing to help your lower back. We give you the exact workouts you can do at home or at the gym as well as easy progressions and regressions to help you build strength…without stressing your joints.

Video Demonstrations of EVERY Exercise 

Over 50 instructional videos showing exactly how to perform each exercise. (Most programs expect you to already know how to do each exercise. Not here. I want you to know exactly what to do so you never get hurt.)

Instant Coaching Cues

I’ve included detailed descriptions of each exercise so you can be sure each movement is completed with perfect form. (You’ll get the exact cues we use in the clinic everyday)

Workout With The Doctor

Need even more motivation? You will also get a video of me performing and talking you through each workout. Just hit play and follow along.

Just Ask Them: What People Are Saying About Their Program For Back Pain

I Thought I Was Going To Have Reduced Mobility For The Rest Of My Life

 “I have always been a relatively active person – biking, hiking, barre classes – until I injured my back and spent a year and a half unable to do any of my favorite activities without aggravating the injury.  I tried many therapies – massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, and strength training exercises that were supposed to be good for an injured back – but nothing worked.  I thought I was going to have reduced mobility for the rest of my life.  It has been 6 months since my last session at Evolve and I feel great and am able to do all of my favorite activities again!”  Erica – Late 40’s

I Thought I Was Destined For Surgery

“I have been dealing with back pain that would stop me from athletic activity for years. I had done physical therapy, which helped but didn’t solve the problem. I was dreading a Doctor recommended MRI feeling that I was destined for surgery. After completing Dr. Baird’s program I am fully active again and currently not held back by my pain.  My only regret is putting it off so long.” Scott – Mid 40’s

I’m doing things and lifting weight that I never dreamed was possible

“I am so grateful that Vanessa recommended your program to me. After years of chronic back pain from working out incorrectly for my body, the education you’ve given me has made it possible for me to do the work to heal. I’m doing things and lifting weight that I never dreamed was possible. I thought the chronic pain was just part of life with EDS. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be. Priceless.” Kelly  – Late 40’s

Back To Enjoying Her Bike Rides

After years of cycle training and putting up with back aches and pains, your program helped me discover how my movement issues were contributing to my back problems.  Your program successfully helped me to live and pedal without pain and what to do if I ever experience pain!”
 Kristina – Early 60’s